Lessons From A Year In Colorado

“Each individual’s experience with food is so nuanced and complicated that just a smell or taste can evoke intense feelings and memories…”

Healing Through Food & Storytelling

I strive to contribute to the healing of our environment, communities, and individuals through food and visual storytelling. 

Meet Mia

Hi there! I’m the one-woman show behind Marigolds & Mint… I started blogging in 2017 as a way for me to share my experiments in the kitchen and practice my food photography. Now, I hope to create a platform that inspires change in the way we cook, eat, and source our food.

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Plant-Based Recipes

Vegan and vegetarian recipes made with good-for-you ingredients that contribute to your physical and mental health

Photography Services

A collaborative experience that harnesses the power of storytelling to tell your brand story in an authentic way

Sustainable Living Tips

Guides to composting, opinion articles about food systems and the environment, and more!

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Tastes of Mile End: A Montreal Food Tour

Tastes of Mile End: A Montreal Food Tour

The Montreal food tour you can't miss! When I decided that I would take an impromptu weekend trip to Montreal in the cold of February, I decided that I would like to experience the city through a food tour. After many hours of research (because I wanted the very...

Self-Care During Your Job Search

Self-Care During Your Job Search

Job searching is more than tough...it is time consuming, mentally exhausting, and emotionally draining. I recently went through it for the second time since graduating college and, let me tell you, it is one of the most humbling, hopeful, terrifying, and discouraging...

Baked Artichoke Tempeh

Baked Artichoke Tempeh

I often get stuck in the “grain bowl” rut (Can you blame me? They’re delicious). But, sometimes the grain+protein+veggie combo can get boring. Enter Baked Artichoke Tempeh. This recipe is based on an “Artichoke Chicken” recipe that my family has been making for as...

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