Coming to understand the environment, communities, and individuals through food and visual storytelling.


My Mission

Connecting & Healing

I believe in the concept that food is medicine. Food can do much more than just nourish our bodies: we can use it to support our mental health, get in touch with our cultures, and create shared experiences that spark a sense of community and connection. It is my vision that we can live in a world where we have healthy relationships with our food and the cultures and environment it comes from. 

I focus on the following three things to achieve this vision:

1. Harnessing the power of visual storytelling to support organizations and businesses who are making a difference

2. Passing on traditional food knowledge by sharing healthy, plant-based recipes and the stories behind them

3. Creating a space for people to learn about the challenges our food systems are facing and what can be done about it


The Person Behind The Scenes

Mia Becker

Hi there! I’m the one-woman show behind Marigolds & Mint… I started blogging in 2017 as a way to share my experiments in the kitchen and practice my food photography. Now, I hope to grow it into a platform that inspires change in the way we cook, eat, and source our food. I’m inspired by my work with non-profits and food security, days in the garden, and my food experiences while growing up in a Polish-American household. 


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What I Offer

Photography Services

Beautiful photos that capture your brand’s vision and mission

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Original, high quality art prints for your home

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Plant-based recipes, gardening tips, opinion pieces, and more

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