The Montreal food tour you can’t miss!

When I decided that I would take an impromptu weekend trip to Montreal in the cold of February, I decided that I would like to experience the city through a food tour. After many hours of research (because I wanted the very best), I decided on Secret Food Tours Montreal, a franchise that offers tours in several major cities throughout Europe and the United States. I wanted an experience that gave me a peek into the food culture and local life of Montrealers and, since I was travelling alone, I wanted to be able to explore with others during my trip. 

My group’s guide, Karine, was a local who had an immense amount of insight to share with us. While I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of each location (you’ll have to go on the food tour to find out!), I’ll be sharing some of the “behind-the-scenes” of the tour and what makes each location such a special part of the tour.

Montreal Food Tour Stops


This bakery is a local favorite, where you can view shelves on shelves of freshly baked breads, rolls, and pastries while you decide on what you want. We started the tour off with an Alsatian tart, during which we learned about the history of the bakery and the origins of the Alsatian tart.



Our next stop was a family-owned gnocchi shop, where we enjoyed fresh-hot gnocchi with a homemade tomato sauce. Here we learned about the shop’s history and its role in the local food culture, while enjoying the escape from the freezing temperatures outside.



We squeezed into this Montreal institution for our third stop of the tour. We munched on fresh, warm bagels that were topped with sesame seeds. These bagels blew my mind. Sorry, New York bagels…Montreal bagels have you beat. 



What is a Montreal food tour without its most popular dish? Here, we found out what poutine is supposed to taste like and learned of the origins of this Quebecois staple.



As soon as we stepped through the door, we were enveloped in the scent of chocolate. We were served a crepe with a housemade chocolate-hazelnut spread and fresh fruit. It was heaven!



Our last stop was a microbrewery, with a window that lets you peek into the brewing room! Here, we enjoyed a cheese board with some of the best cheese I have ever tasted and wrapped up our tour. Our tour guide, Karine, gave us recommendations for stellar restaurants in the city and helped us get on our ways.


Sure, you could go to these place on your own, but then you would be missing out on the history, inside information, and insight that the guides and Secret Food Tours Montreal bring to the table (haha). You get to see the neighborhood and these restaurants in a whole different light and get to connect with fellow foodies. All in all, I’d say learning about food culture and eating good food is an ideal way to spend an afternoon in Montreal.


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